electroniccigarettesintheuk-88Electronic cigarettes provide the safest way for anyone to smoke. This device helps avail nicotine in its pure form into the lungs and does not contain other harmful gases found in tobacco leaves. Many people in the United Kingdom have embraced the use of e-cigs over tobacco smoking for the benefits that come with the same. Some of these benefits and other facts are discussed below.

Its cartridge contains nicotine only: The cartridge is one of the most important part of the electronic cigarette. It contains nicotine purely extracted from tobacco leaves. Nicotine contained in the cartridge can last for as long as 30 days on a regular smoker. Nicotine is the main compound that makes cigarette smoking addictive, which is the reason it is the only product extracted from tobacco leaves.

Its battery operated: All electronic cigarettes are powered by a lithium button cell. Most of these e-cigs can be recharged for a continued use. The battery provides enough power to ignite the cartomizer, the component that vaporizes nicotine during when sucked or inhaled. Most batteries can last between one and two days, though this is dependent of how long the user uses his/her device.

The only by product from vaping is water vapor: Electronic cigarettes produce water vapor as the only by product. This is unlike tobacco smoking where more than 29 gases and tar are produced. These are the main compounds that lead to lung tissue decay and development of cancerous cells. With only water vapor being produced from vaping, electronic cigarette users can use the device anywhere they feel like for as long as one is not invading anyone’s privacy. Electronic cigarettes do not support secondary smoking, meaning your loved ones are safeguarded as well.

Medicated electronic cigarettes can help one quit smoking: Most tobacco smokers are yoked by nicotine addiction, and find it very hard to quit smoking. Anyone who tries to refrain from tobacco smoking suffers from withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are far more dangerous than smoking itself. Electronic cigarettes are however, the only proven way that has helped many tobacco addicts quit smoking completely.

Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper and affordable that traditional tobacco rolled cigarettes. It is estimated that, a single electronic cigarette can last about a week or two on a chain smoker. This stick costs less than 3 packets of traditional cigarettes, all which the same chain smoker would consume in a day. A cigarette pack costs approximately £11. Simple calculations reveal that an electronic cigarette smoker would save an equivalent of £250 in a week. The savings on this amount can be used for other beneficial deeds such as pay for utility bills.

The facts discussed above are nothing but the plain truth. People who have realized how beneficial e-cigs are have been able to turn their lives around and now live a safer life. This is not all, electronic cigarettes come in more than 20 different e liquid flavors, all, which one can use at, will. Menthol, cinnamon, banana and vanilla flavors are the most commonly preferred by many.

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