E-Cigarette-Starter-Kit-UKA friend of mine recently recommended that I try switching to smoking electronic cigarettes. I admitted that I was curious and decided to do a little research online. I learned that it was best to start off with an electronic cigarette starter kit, which included the following things:

A battery. This was the part of the electronic cigarette that looked like an actual cigarette. It was made of plastic and in the shape of a real cigarette. At the end was a small LED, which would light up as I inhaled on the electronic cigarette.

A charger: One end of the battery was threaded and the charger was threaded to match. I could simply plug the charger into any USB port and then screw the rechargeable battery into the thread. The charging process took a couple of hours, which is why I would recommend buying an electronic cigarette starter kit with two batteries. This way you can always have one battery charged and ready to go.

A Cartomizer: This was the part of the electronic cigarette that contained the water, the heating element, and the nicotine. This screwed onto the threads of the battery and was shaped like the filter of a real cigarette.

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