Ecig Theory

I Have Been Reading Electronic Cigarette Reviews To Choose The Best Brand

e-cigarette-ukRecently, I have been starting to look into electronic cigarette reviews in an attempt to figure out the best brands to buy. I am completely sold on the idea of electronic cigarettes in theory, for a variety of reasons including health and social acceptance, but when it comes to the specific site and so a bit of a loss. I really need to nail down the particulars about exactly what I’m going to buy and where I’m going to buy it so that I can get started on this brand-new lifestyle of smoking electronic cigarettes as opposed to regular cigarettes – which I’m very excited about.

The thing that I have been noticing about the majority of the reviews I have been reading is that they all seem slightly biased toward the brand of electronic cigarette they are reviewing. It makes me wonder if the reviews are real or if they were merely written by someone trying to sell that brand of electronic cigarette. It’s pretty discouraging, but I am going to keep looking for real and unbiased reviews so that I can make an informed decision before placing my order.